The Railroad Festival has been postponed at this time.

In lieu of the most recent CDC recommendation and with constant contact with city and state officials, the Amory Railroad Festival has been postponed at this time. This decision was not made lightly and without careful consideration of everyone involved.


It is not our intent to contribute to what some may see as mass hysteria or to endanger our community. Both sides were carefully considered. As much as the committee wanted to be something that got us back to some sense of normalcy, now does not seem to be the appropriate time.


Postponement dates are being discussed but with the future of our nation and community unclear, no date has been decided yet.


Please remember that this festival is organized by a small group of dedicated volunteers from our community and that no one is more disappointed than that amazing group of individuals. It takes almost five months to plan a festival of this size and postponement is a lot easier said than done. We are contacting arts and crafts vendors, the carnival, food vendors, churches, and entertainment to gauge future availability.


We urge the community to please be patient with us as we explore our options and work diligently to find the appropriate alternative for this year’s festival. Some may see this decision as an overreaction but if that is the case, it is still better than the alternative. The fact remains that even if this is an overreaction, we as a community will likely see our neighbors affected in some way, financially or otherwise.


Please be kind and considerate and remember to support local businesses to the best of your ability during this unprecedented time.


The Amory Railroad Festival plans to do our part by donating a percentage of t-shirt sales to local restaurants and retail shops. Shirts can be found at local banks and boutiques throughout Amory and will be posted online for sale. Arrangements can be made for safe pick-up or shipment. Please remain loyal to our local businesses and community during this crisis.


We hope to have updated information soon. Keep this community, our city, and this committee in your prayers. We hope to be able to offer an amazing festival experience in the foreseeable future.


God Bless!

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